Kojun Ueno Sunseri

Jun Sunseri
Affiliated Faculty

 My research focuses on colonialism, foodways, landscapes, historical archaeology, preservation and heritage in the western US and northern South Africa. Members of my research cluster bring together complementary lines of evidence of varied types and spatial scales, including analysis of archaeological ceramic and faunal assemblages related to domestic foodways and GIS analysis of remote sensing, geophysical survey, and excavation data to reveal tactical, engineering, and ritual patterning of cultural landscapes.

US Southwest, Northern South Africa
Research Theme(s): 
Colonialism, Foodways, Landscapes, Historical Archaeology, Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage

Albert Gonzalez

Photo of Albert Gonzalez in his office
ARF Partner

Albert Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) in Hayward, California, where he has taught since 2015. He earned BA and MA degrees in history at the University of Texas at Dallas and the MA and PhD in anthropology at Southern Methodist University.

California, New Mexico, Florida
Research Theme(s): 
Historical Archaeology, Experimental archaeology

José Marrero Rosado

Jose Marrero Rosado
Graduate Student

My research interests focus on structural violence and infectious disease, and how we can study this through human skeletal remains. 

Research Theme(s): 
Bioarchaeology, structural violence, infectious disease, Historical Archaeology, molecular bioarchaeology

Estate Little Princess Field School

Little Princess Excavations

The 2019 field season built upon discoveries from 2017 and 2018, continuing shovel probe excavation in the vicinity of the former enslaved persons’ village to the west of the Great House. Once again, the most recent field effort was guided by historical maps digitized from documents on file at the Danish National Archives, historical photos, the known location of extant building remains in the location of the former slave village.