Tel Megiddo (Israel) in August 2014. Facing east. Courtesy of Megiddo Expedition and Melissa Cradic.
Melissa S.

With support from the Stahl Endowment Fund, I conducted dissertation research during summer 2015 on archaeological  collections  and  archives  from  the  site  of  Tel  Megiddo,  Israel.  These  materials  comprise the main dataset for my dissertation, entitled “Transformations in Death: Funerary Practices and Personhood in the Bronze Age Levant”. Tel Megiddo, which is this project’s principal research site, was a major Bronze Age urban settlement with intramural burials that are representative of mortuary treatments that were widely practiced in the region: infant jar burials; single, primary pit inhumations; and multiple-interments  of  primary  and  secondary  inhumations  in  pits  and  masonry-constructed  chamber  tombs. The burial  assemblages  examined  in  summer  2015  were  excavated  by  Megiddo  Expedition  team  members  over  three  field  seasons  between  2010  and  2014  and  are  housed  at  Tel  Aviv  University’s  Institute  of  Archaeology

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