Pasquino Group Research in Sperlonga, Italy

Grotto of Tiberius: Scenes from the Odyssey and Iliad

 Thanks to the Stahl Award, I was able to travel to complete fieldwork in Sperlonga, Italy in June 2022. The project in Sperlonga involves the digital documentation of thousands of marble fragments from the so-called “Grotto of Tiberius” – an ancient cave decorated in the Roman period with an elaborate sculptural program depicting scenes from the Iliad and Odyssey. This year, my work in Sperlonga involved the sorting, counting, categorization, and documentation of sculptural fragments related to a sculpture known as the Pasquino Group.

Whitney Davis Research Profile

Whitney Davis
Affiliated Faculty

Whitney Davis (George C. and Helen N. Pardee Professor of History and Theory of Ancient and Modern Art) has taught at UC Berkeley since 2001. Previously he taught at Northwestern University, where he was John Evans Professor of Art History and Director of the Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities. He received his PhD in Fine Arts from Harvard University in 1985, where he was a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows from 1983 to 1986.

Research Theme(s): 
Ancient Art, Modern Art, Art Theory